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Project 90 at PCC


The Stretch Project has been awarded a Sasi Innovation Grant

Amount  of Grant: $50,000 

The grant will fund the development of a model Stretch Composition curriculum as an optional, Self-Directed Placement pathway for composition students. Additionally, the grant will fund several Professional Development opportunities for faculty with interest in teaching Stretch Composition, fund the development of a Self-Directed Placement process for students with interest in the Stretch Composition cohort, and will fund the data collection and analysis regarding the Stretch Composition program’s implementation. College and University programs that have adopted a Stretch Composition model have demonstrated an increase in student retention and pass rates. The curriculum will utilize the extra time in the 2-course sequence to help students learn and practice a wide range of composing strategies, to help students identify and define the best composition techniques most appropriate for varied writing purposes, and to develop superior critical reading, composition, organization, revision, and editing strategies. Using touchstone assignments developed to synthesize these skills, students will eschew the “developmental writing” label and earn transferable college credit by working in classroom cohorts with the same students and instructor over the 2-semester sequence, thereby increasing student confidence and comfort, and aiding in the development of a strong writing and thinking community.

Learn more about Project90–Pasadena City College’s Pathways for Student Success programs, by clicking here: http://pccproject90.org/


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