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Welcome to the PCC English Division Stretch Composition Site!


This blog and the accompanying Wikispace will document the Pasadena City College English Division’s Stretch Composition Proposal and  implementation process. This project was funded by a SASI Innovation Grant through Pasadena City College.

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About the Project

The project, which began in Fall of 2012, builds, implements, and then investigates the effectiveness of the Stretch Composition model as a self-directed placement option when compared to the effectiveness of existing, independent composition courses.

  • A foundational phase of the project involves inquiry and research. The inquiry team will meet regularly to examine PCC and state-wide data on the success of composition students and the challenges students face, as well as examine current and foundational research in the fields of Stretch Composition, Accelerated Composition, and Developmental Composition. This inquiry period will also involve planning the initial implementation of Stretch Composition at Pasadena City College.
  • This inquiry team will then develop research-based curriculum to present to a larger body of writing instructors–the Advisory Team volunteer cohort, as well as input from individual faculty in the English Division– who will collaborate by engaging in some of the research inquiry, and reading and evaluating the curriculum developments for revision.
  • The English Division Composition Committee and the English Division as a whole will offer commentary, critique, and support as the committees work to collaborate on a Stretch Composition curriculum as an option for our community college students enrolling into Composition courses.
  • Faculty teaching in the Stretch Composition model will receive professional development and in-service training sessions about Stretch Composition and its methodologies; additional faculty members and stakeholders will be invited to participate in inquiry and training as well.